Hosted VoIP White Label

Grow your business by becoming a VoIP telecommunications reseller. Whether your clients are looking for traditional style physical handsets or mobile soft-phones, you can now offer both services to your clients under the umbrella of your own company branding. The rates are competitive with plenty of room for high margins so you can build a fast growing recurring revenue stream.

Are there any up front costs?
It’s free to get started, with no set-up fee for access to your branded area of our platform. We perform a credit check on all new accounts and ask for a security bond which is refunded after six months of full account operation.

What do I get as a VoIP reseller?

Online Portal

You can fully brand your VoIP portal with your own company logo. Best of all, there are no mentions of 2m Networks anywhere.

Own the Billing

Our portal can optionally issue fully branded invoices automatically to your customers on the first of each month. The invoices show your address and VAT number (if applicable).

Price Management

You set your own rates for the products you select to sell. All rates are set in a handy online matrix which can then be applied to all of your clients.

Call Rate Management

You can set your own pricing for UK and worldwide call destinations. These can be set individually on a client by client basis or as an overall mark-up for all clients.

Reporting Capability

The portal provides easy real-time access to Call Usage and Volume Data, along with detailed statistical information about profit margins, debtors and creditors.

Technical Support

Our resellers have our full support team behind them during normal business hours. We will even speak to your clients on your behalf if you need us to.

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