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From the first time you make contact with us, you’ll be working with our professional services team. We don’t employ ‘sales’ people, not in the traditional sense anyway. We employ skilled consultants and developers who have an in depth knowledge and understanding not only of the services and technologies that we provide, but also business professionals who can work at the human level rather than just the machine level. Our professional services team bring harmony to the sometimes chaotic human/machine relationship that most businesses have.


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With a focus on mobile workflow and remote connectivity we start at the top, and work down. Taking into account the needs of the business at each level. From C-level to field worker, regardless of the solution, it needs to work at every level of the business. We wont try and fit your business to a solution and we actively encourage participation at all levels in the specification, design, and implementation of a project.

competitive advantage

Whether your approach is evolutionary or revolutionary, our experience can help you evaluate and narrow your focus. The cloud presents many opportunities not only for enterprise but also small and mid sized companies looking to improve their efficiency and gain that competitive edge over their rivals.


We understand how corporate networks function, we’ve been there. We also understand how cloud networks function, as we’re there now! Building not only on our clients experiences but also our own, we understand the major differences when sourcing cloud services over on premise services. Concerns over physical hardware become concerns over supplier SLA’s, and concerns over service availability become concerns over connectivity.


Whether you are experiencing a period of growth, or your existing software/hardware is coming to the end of its life, planning for the cloud is crucial if you want to stay ahead. From email, to phones, to field workers, every level of your organisation can benefit from a planned strategic approach to cloud services.

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Public cloud services, often referred to as multi-tenant environments, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allow companies to leverage economies of scale provided by global networks.

0’s and 1’s

However, unlike traditional on premise services such as HR, CRM, and support software that have their own proprietary “data silo’s”, cloud services are built on a standards based foundation of integration, allowing different services from different vendors to securely talk to each other and share data. This is critical for data efficiency, data integrity, and obtaining a “single version of the truth” for your business. Data entry duplication and errors can be eliminated by automating the integration of multiple systems, ensuring they are all up to date in real time.

Moving huge lumps of data around the internet can be complex, even moving relatively small amounts of data around the internet can be complex too! That’s why we take the time to understand your exact requirements, and apply our knowledge and experience to each individual project. Ensuring a smooth integration between systems.


Moving data is the under-the-hood magic that just ‘makes it work’. Cloud services shine when people connect and collaborate in new ways. Gone are the days of being tied to a PC, gone are the days of being tied to a single office. Or worse still, having two PC’s at two offices, then things get really confusing! Our portfolio of services coupled with our extensive experience allow us to craft systems that work the way you work, fitting in to your lifestyle and location, ready when you are.

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Sometimes you might think to yourself…

‘yes, I know I can do this, it’s easy enough, but I just don’t have the time’

We hear you. Although our products are almost completely self service, we do realise that sometimes you need to focus more on running your business, and that your time would be better spent on the front line rather than in the engine room.

Our business analysts will work with you and your team to evaluate the best solution, be it integrated voice, real time document collaboration, or improving the efficiency, accountability, and communication of your field workers. We can design, build, deploy, and maintain a bespoke solution that meets your needs.

no longer remote

We’re a distributed team ourselves, spanning three continents, so we understand first hand how difficult it can be to keep everyone on the same page and fully up to speed. Whether you simply want to be able to work from home once a week, or you’re looking to bring together teams from multiple offices. We can work with you to develop a solution based on your exact requirements that will help improve efficiency, increase team communication, and reduce costs.


Our products and services are designed as building blocks that allow you to improve and update them, in real time, without the need for developers. This gives you unparalleled flexibility, and a safe knowledge knowing that technology will be on your side helping you to grow and prosper in an ever changing business landscape


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