forms2mobile White Label

Mobile applications and devices have taken the field service industry by storm in the last few years, with over 80% of companies identifying mobility as a strategic initiative for operations this next year. Whether you are a business who wants their own custom branded app, or an IT company looking to expand your range, we have something for you.

For Solution Providers

So you’re a solutions provider and your customers are considering the move to a more flexible mobile working environment, they want to save money on administration time and costs and they’re looking to you to find a solution for them… That’s where we come in. Our mobile data capture solution – forms2mobile – is available as a full White Label product to sell as your own under your own company brand.

You can join a whole community of IT professionals who are already helping businesses make to the move over to mobile applications without investing in costly app development which starts in the region of £50k plus per operating system… and that’s before you look at maintenance costs to keep the apps up to date with the latest technology.

For Businesses Who Want Their Own App

Do you work for a company who is looking to develop your own mobile data capture app but without the huge bill that goes with it? Do you need to minimise the amount of paper which is processed in the office, but still enable your team to fill out the forms required to do their job? forms2mobile is available either as a full White Label solution, or as a standalone app which can both be wrapped up in your own corporate branding.

Using the forms2mobile platform you can build enterprise apps in minutes and post the data in to your own back-end systems seamlessly. New apps can be deployed to the workforce instantly and with a substantial rise in BYOD (bring your own device) and the increasingly powerful smart mobile and tablet devices available today, the efficiency and productivity gains speak for themselves. You can do all of this without any coding required at all. If you can use excel, you can build amazing apps on forms2mobile!

Up front costs
Pick and mix which elements you want and only pay for what you take. For each element there is a low cost development fee to get your AaaS (App as a Service) and WaaS (Website as a Service) up and running, with a small monthly fee which covers all your updates and the addition of any new features. You’ll also need a developer account for each mobile platform, Apple is currently $99 per year and Google charge $25 per year.

What do I get as a forms2mobile reseller?

Branded Mobile App

Our most basic entry level is simply to have your own custom branded app built on either iOS or Android, or you can choose to have both versions. You will need a Developer account for each platform and for this there is a small charge made by Apple or Google. We maintain your apps and submit new versions to the relevant stores on your behalf to ensure you always have the latest features. If you take the app only option, you build your apps using our standard forms2mobile branded platform.

forms2mobile App Builder

The forms2mobile platform is so easy to use. It’s a simple drag and drop screen builder which is jam packed with features and functionality. We have a variety of different screen styles and a ton of different field types which can capture everything from barcodes and NFC scanning through to photos which can be annotated and a host of mapping functions. Each field can be individually customised with your choice of colours and layout, as well as adding visibility rules and conditional logic with simple excel style formulas.

Website As A Service

If you decide to take our WaaS option, you’ll get all the features and functionality of our standard forms2mobile App Builder, but you get to wrap it up in your own corporate branding. Access your platform via your own domain and customise the look and feel with your own colour scheme, icons and images. There will be no mention of forms2mobile anywhere in sight!

Billing & Price Management

You retain full ownership of billing management for your clients. We will bill you each month for the peak number of users for each client account, you then recover these costs from your client as you wish. We offer a fixed price model which gives you the flexibility to mark up your fees in a way that fits in with your existing business model, so you can go out and market your new product with the focus on growing predictable long-term revenue streams on a dependable Platform as a Service.


Our platform has a wide range of built-in connectors which enable you to push and pull data to and from your existing systems. If you’re looking for something simple but powerful look no further than Dropbox to store copies of PDF’s emailed to clients, or Google Sheets if you want to analyse the data at a later time, each data submission will be appended as a new row in the spreadsheet. If you’re looking for something a little more robust then take a look at our FTP connector or for even more flexibility try out our suite of powerful API’s.

Technical Support

We’re here to help you at every step of the journey. Our friendly team of experts will provide you with first class technical assistance to make sure both you and your end users get all the support you need from on-boarding through to resolving customer issues and advice on how to best achieve your data capture needs.

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