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Hosted VoIP telephony from 2m Networks


Drive down costs and increase productivity with a business VoIP solution from 2m Networks


If you are looking for a fully managed telephony service to install into new premises or to replace or enhance your existing system, with minimal or no capital expenditure, then a 2m Networks business VoIP solution is ideal for you.


Business VoIP from 2m Networks
2m Networks offer business VoIP solutions, providing end to end call management to meet the telecommunication needs of businesses in the UK. Helping to reduce the costs associated with traditional telephony and to increase work efficiency, our VoIP services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our B2B clients.

Business VoIP solutions from 2m Networks are cost effective, fully managed business voice solutions, available anywhere in the UK and Ireland offering a flexible and scalable alternative to a traditional on-premise based voice system. Our client oriented discovery process is designed to help our clients realise the balance between increased productivity and operational efficiency through a high performance, always available phone system. Unlike traditional telephony suppliers, our focus is on you the customer, ensuring you get a flexible and scalable system that meets your specific needs.



– features –


> Audio Conferencing > Online call logs and invoicing
> Call Forwarding > Online Portal Access
> Customised CLI > Time of day routing
> Hunt/Call groups > Voicemail
> IVR/Auto attendant > Voicemail notification
> Music on hold > 999 Emergency Services access


our cloud hosted business VoIP solutions are powerful and simple


IP Phone

Cost Effective Calls
Most businesses switch to VoIP to realise the instant and continual cost savings. As VoIP calls are sent over the internet, you can can reduce the amount of physical lines you need into your premises. In addition to this, national and international call rates are amongst the most competitive in the industry.

Highly Scalable
Businesses using VoIP have the ability to scale up or down the amount of extensions or features as and when required. Without the need to invest in additional capacity, and without the lead times associated with traditional systems.

Business Continuity
By switching to VoIP, you can gain a competitive advantage with the ability to redirect your entire phone system to another location. This means your business will continue to run even if your premises are inaccessible.

If you frequently travel for business and still need to make and receive calls, VoIP will allow you to achieve this. As VoIP sends calls over the internet, this means that any internet enabled communications device be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop can make and receive calls. This can be as easy as plug-&-play, and as convenient as email!

Feature Rich
A fully implemented VoIP system brings a whole host of additional features over a regular phone system Features as caller ID, voice-to-email, call waiting and forwarding and the option of full call recording.


manage, monitor, and control your system from anywhere


Voice Admin PortalSelf Serve Portal
Our self serve portal puts you in control of your phone system. Add extensions, update hunt groups, add new numbers, it’s all in here. A one stop shop to help you manage and configure your hosted telephone system.

We are here to help
Don’t worry, our portal may be self serve, but our support is delivered by humans. We’re here to help, phone, email, online chat, it’s up to you. Our experienced team of engineers are available for any type of help you may need. Got a question already? have a look at our VoIP FAQ.

Real Time Reporting
The self serve portal also comes with a powerful suite of reporting tools. From here you can view and report on call volumes, call types, services, financials, and much more.

Fully Managed
We fully manage and monitor the hosted voice network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year giving you piece of mind. We make sure the lights are kept on, ensuring you never miss a call day or night.


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