Mobile forms have evolved into mobile apps


forms²mobile platform

forms2mobile from 2m Networks allows any business in any industry to capture data via its existing Android and iOS devices. This eliminates the need for any expensive investment in new hardware. It also allows companies to embrace current trends of allowing users to ‘Bring Their Own Device’ (BYOD) to work.

forms2mobile is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and a mobile app. A robust and resilient web based platform built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, allows for rapid development and deployment of bespoke data capture applications. The platform is extended by deploying your data capture applications to mobile workers using the forms²mobile iOS, and Android apps. These apps allow you to run your newly created data capture applications on almost any mobile device.

forms2mobile offers all organisations a scalable, cost-effective solution to quickly develop, build and deploy a cross-platform mobile data capture solution to their employees with minimal IT expertise. It allows users to build and amend screens using simple and advanced formulae that can perform calculations and data validation direct on the mobile device. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to develop your own apps, you can engage our experienced business analysts who will be able to convert even the most complex workflow into a simple to use mobile app for your employees.

Mobile apps & reports can be fully customised to look like existing company reports including logos and colour schemes, or can be made to replicate industry standard designs and layouts. Captured data can also be pushed direct into your existing systems giving you full visibility of your mobile workforce.

The Technologyandroid_phone

  • Captures data through existing Android and iOS phones and tablets
  • A true ‘Cloud’ based, global solution
  • Incorporates Barcode, QR code scanning, Geo Tagging, Signature and Photo capture technology
  • Logic driven questioning to help provide consistent reliable data
  • Data can be integrated with existing back office systems through our REST based API
  • Mobile users can be created and secured in real time.
  • Highly secure and resilient platform, built on a global infrastructure with a 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Data can be captured offline without an internet connection

Management Information

  • Turns piles of paper based forms in to manageable reports, or live data streams
  • Reports can be tailored to look like existing company reports, or to replicate industry standard designs and layouts
  • Provides proof of delivery/acceptance
  • Automatically distributes information to all relevant parties

Ideal for

  • Gas Engineers
  • Electrical contractors
  • Healthcare workers
  • Transport and Distribution
  • Health and Safety professionals
  • Field Sales staff
  • Utilities and Telecoms
  • Facilities Management and Construction


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