your clouds, perfectly harmonised with your business.

cloud services, seamlessly integrated

For many organisations embracing cloud services is part of their strategy. Our growing portfolio of cloud services can help any sized business increase efficiency, save money, enhance operational visibility and improve client perception.


Mobile forms, reinvented! Self serve mobile app creator. Fully integrated with your existing cloud or on premise systems. No coding required!

Google Workspace

Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. Built for business, designed for teams.

Hosted VoIP

Fully hosted cloud telephone systems. Reliability, resilience, and scalability, without the associated costs of a traditional phone system.

Professional Services

Engage with our experienced consultants. We will work with you to specify, procure, implement, and support the best solution for your business.

why 2m networks?

We keep your data flowing and your business connected, ensuring your human assets are always up to date with the knowledge and information they need to succeed.
always on, always connected, always ready.

"When you consider a move towards cloud computing, you need to take the whole business into account understanding all existing systems and processes at a detail level. Only then should cloud computing options be considered. You also need to take into account the synergy between the proposed cloud solution with the overall business mission, along with the future needs of the business. That is when the cloud will start to make sense at all levels."

  • Hosted VoIP

    percent average reduction in communication costs

  • Google Workspace

    percent of connected staff are more efficient

  • Our Service Guarantee

    percent service availability across our service range

  • forms2mobile

    percent time saving for data administration

With a focus on mobile workflow, remote connectivity and collaboration, we start at the top and work down analysing the needs of the business at each level. We will identify pain points within your information flow and make recommendations on how your workflow can be improved through the use of always on, always connected, always ready cloud services.

From simple voice communication between employees; knowledge sharing and project collaboration through to ensuring field workers have access to; and can submit critical data as and when they need to. From C-level to field worker regardless of the solution, information and communications need to flow efficiently and accurately throughout the business, it needs to flow to every level addressing the needs of all involved.

We won’t try and fit your business to an ‘off the shelf’ package, we shape products and services to meet your unique business needs and we actively encourage participation at all levels in the specification, design and implementation of a project. From capturing accurate and validated information in the field, to real time collaboration and communication, our portfolio of cloud services combined with our years of experience in the cloud sector puts us in a unique position to help you embrace the multitude of benefits that cloud services can bring to your business.

We help make the world a little smaller, connecting your business to your employees wherever they may be. Contact us today for an informal chat about how we can help you improve your workflow, increase company efficiency and keep your company connected.

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